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 The conversation of the real intention of Mao Asada with her elder sister Mai

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PostSubject: The conversation of the real intention of Mao Asada with her elder sister Mai   Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:12 pm

The conversation of the real intention of Mao Asada with her elder sister Mai

Source - An information/translation post by Akira Andrea @ FSU

Photography: By Shintaro Nakane.
Mao Asada who is showing the relaxed look with her elder sister Mai because the participation to the Olympics was decided. (In Nagoya City in December 29th.)

In Ladies of figure skating in Vancouver Olympics which opens in February, Mao Asada (19, Chukyo University) is expected from many persons. While achieving the championships for four seasons running in Japan Nationals which became the final meeting of selecting the Japan representative for the Olympics in the end of December, she nailed the participation which was her dream to the Olympics. Really, in Japan Nationals which she faced piling the training while overcoming the slump of the first half of this season which she felt down so as not to be able to think that she wants to go to the Olympics, she got the ticket of her first Olympics while surviving the close match. Conversing with her elder sister Mai (21, Chukyo University), she swore, "I would like to return to Japan with having the gold medal", forcefully with smiling face.

The conversation of the real intention of Mao Asada with her elder sister Mai.

Mao Asada nailed the participation of her first Olympics. In GP Series which was the competitions of the first half of this season, she was in the slump because of the bad condition of the triple Axel jump, but she won the ticket of the Olympics while taking the precautions to hold the big skill only once in the free skating in Japan Nationals. She told an obedient state of mind to her elder sister Mai whom she thanks for because she always calls first after the competition and is encouraged.

After the Rostelecom Cup, I could not think that I want to go to Olympics.

Mai: “Did you tense most in Japan Nationals which you participated ever before?”

Mao: “As for me, the Rostelecom Cup (she became the 5th place there in this season) tensed more than Japan Nationals. Because the practice was not going well. In an instant, after the Rostelecome Cup, I was so upset that I could not think that I want to go to the Olympics. I worried stronger whether it is good to go on with present situation. But, since about one month before Japan Nationals, the feeling that I would like to go to Olympics absolutely, became strong. In this time, the practice also was going well and I also was calm.”

Mai: “The triple Axel was clean. Did you want to do the triple Axel in second jump, too, of the free skating?”

Mao: “I seemed to be able to succeed it, but I did not do it because I decided from the morning to do the double Axel. In this time, I chose the jump prudently. I think that it is only this time, though.”

Mai: “How did you feel when you received the standing ovation?”

Mao: “I felt being warm very much because I felt that the audience was praying for the player. As for short program, I was moved more than as for free skating. Because it was something in my mind like a "trauma" not only in this season, but also in last season, it was a delight that I exceeded one mountain. After the free skating was finished, I felt relieved. But I felt more uneasy because I could not know how my performance was evaluated by the judges.”

Mai: “It was terrific competition.”

Mao: “Because, in the short program, the point from the 1st place to the 4th place did not differ so much, my feelings tightened up once again there. I think that every player has thought that it is not pardoned even one mistake. I think that the experience in such tense atmosphere is useful also in the Olympics. To achieve the championship for the continuous seasons is difficult. To have continued winning like a Midori Ito who achieved the championship for 8 seasons running is really amazing. I think that I also can aim at it much more. I have not achieved even a half of it yet, but I would like to do my best aiming at the championship for 10 seasons running.”

Mai: “In the interview after the announcement of Japan representative to the Olympics, you often said only "er-r-r-r", didn’t you?”

Mao: “I was under a pressure after them, because every player was good at speaking. Because I was no good at speaking. The more I am going to think, the less I can find the words.”

Mai: “What is your aim in the Olympics? “

Mao: “I do my best in the practice till the Olympics. After having gone to the Olympics, it is to enjoy, to believe my self, to concentrate and to do with the strong feeling. If I achieved these all? She is giving a groan.”

Mai: “Say!”

Mao: “Gold Medal! I do my best believing that I can get it. I would like to bring it to Japan early. I would like to show it to the persons who are supporting me.”

The article:
The conversation of the real intention of Mao Asada with her elder sister Mai.

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The conversation of the real intention of Mao Asada with her elder sister Mai
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