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 Proper figure skating apparel.

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PostSubject: Proper figure skating apparel.   Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:48 am

If you truly love and care about figure skating then you're more than welcome to read for yourself.  Wink

This is about why you should wear the attached underwear of your figure skating dress under a pair of colored tights because all figure skaters deserve to know the truth.

You can ask yourself as a skater why in the world would i wear any kind of underwear that's attached to my skating dress over my tights right?        
It just doesn't add up, that's why.

Imagine how irritating it must feel around the bums and front which is also very unhygienic. Don't forget how dumb it makes you feel looking like this. For anyone who thinks tights is underwear and therefore should not be worn over the top bottom underwear part is wrong. The build in briefs/attached briefs of the figure skating dress is basically just like regular underwear.

Speaking of men/guys/boys, face it, they all love looking up your skirt so they can see your underwear, your bum with the oval shaped tight looking crotch, all because of those dreadful skin colored tights.
Think about it, is that really what you want, millions of perverts looking at you?

Now as a former figure skater, let me tell you about the reasons why you should wear a pair of colored tights like turquoise, crimson, lime green, royal blue, purple, white and black etc. over the attached briefs of your skating dress.

1 - it's much more comfortable because tights next to the skin is rather irritable and icky.

2 - It's less revealing like there's no bum falling out look, or the wedgie that makes the briefs look all baggy and wrinkly from the front and back which also gives a naughty slutty underwear look.

Below are one of those examples where you can see the wrinkly underwear look and the bums falling out when you wear the top bottom underwear part of your figure skating dress over your tights instead of under, notice the genitals also become much more revealing.

http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/autres-sports/patinage-artistique/201210/30/01-4588402-les-lecons-de-skate-canada.php (i just can't believe they allow this overly slutty look)

http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Elena+Radionova/ISU+Grand+Prix+Figure+Skating+Final+2013+2014/UENLmliyD4A (OMG look at how young she is, this sport has gone mad!  Mad  )

http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Yulia+Lipnitskaya/Winter+Olympics+Figure+Skating/WbWqJ6pALXy (sweet mother of god...did i just see a waistband in the two links above?  Shocked  )

http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Yu-Na+Kim/Winter+Olympics+Figure+Skating/e85FQq0AwGC (OMG...you can literally see her butt crack, eewwwwww !!  Suspect  )

http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/JbGufcqXYv8/Rostelecom+Cup+ISU+Grand+Prix+Figure+Skating/ku2WMIhGfbJ/Polina+Korobeynikova (if only she had worn a pair of grey tights, you'd hardly notice her falling out slutty bums)

http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Mirai+Nagasu/ISU+World+Figure+Skating+Championships+Day/wN8-Ni9cGOv (in this one you can clearly see how the top bottom underwear part rides up while skating and turns into a very nasty wedgie)

http://ajtl.pictures.fi/kuvat/Finlandia+Trophy+2013/Ladies+free+program/DSC_8217+%28Large%29.JPG (Oh my goodness gracious, it looks like she hasn't learnt from her mistake at all)

http://ajtl.pictures.fi/kuvat/Finlandia+Trophy+2013/Ladies+free+program/DSC_8219+%28Large%29.JPG ( imagine how many perverts will get their rocks off on her butt cheeks, like my friend from ballet class would say)



In the links above you can literally see their crotches hanging which is so gross, YUCK! This just proves many skaters feel so desperate to show off their butt and crotch.

3 - It upsets and keeps perverts away who want to look at the bum and the crotch area.

The links below are some ballet dresses, most of them are exactly like ice skating dresses(briefs attached to the dress). Here you can clearly see the tights are worn over the attached briefs part, thus nothing distracting)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4EVQ3L51Hc&feature=relmfu (1:55 to 2:13)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwB-0xfOH_I&feature=my_favorites&list=FLVbv4SMRrxr18gi21vz4hNw (3:35 to 3:41)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYDhkxGz2CM&list=FLVbv4SMRrxr18gi21vz4hNw&feature=mh_lolz (0:23 to 0:30)


Even in a Aerobics they changed the look, these outfits are from the 80's  



These outfits are from today


http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6fmLbea8tXs/TsttnKj3BiI/AAAAAAAAA7E/i4ahXdfJxkg/s1600/Proper+Aerobic+Clothing.jpg  (you can see the whole underwear/leotard over leggings look disappeared considering it attracted too much attention)

4 - Wearing the tights over the top bottom underwear part keeps the underwear in one place which feels much much more comfortable because i tried it myself.

5 - Wearing the top bottom underwear part of the figure skating dress over your tights makes your butt look tighter, under the tights does not. (Men/guys/boys love looking at a tight butt) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_rnERrcZ9Y7I/TM45M54_JDI/AAAAAAAALOE/I_b8mBoJ12M/s1600/alicz.jpg

6 - Wearing your attached underwear part over your tights makes your attached underwear ride up like you've seen on the previous links above, sooo another big reason why you should wear your it under your tights.

7 - Another important reason in the link below is because the skating dress brief is already an underwear piece. This comes in very handy because you don't need to wear an extra pair of underwear under the tights like those god-awful super gross looking uncomfortable thongs. Shocked  Another important problem solved.


8 - All the more reasons to wear the top bottom underwear part of your figure skating dress under the tights is because guys always look at your butt.  Look at how degrading this feels, i mean we're athletes, not showgirls, hussies, or beauty pageants for christ's sake. http://www.mademan.com/mm/10-best-figure-skater-butts.html

9 -  And it just keeps going, on a certain site, it says the biggest reason why most guys watch figure skating is because of the gratuitous crotch shots. Put on a pair of  blue, white or red tights and gone are the crotch shots. Smile

10 - The leotard elastic of your bottom underwear part against the skin is less slippery than against nylon/spandex tights.

11 - It makes your legs look longer.

12 - It makes going to the bathroom much, much easier.

13 - Yuck..ewwwww, i cannot believe it but i just have to say this. It keeps most pedophiles from masturbating. If you don't care then enjoy being masturbated at by all those creeps aaand if you don't believe me they do then take a look at this below.




If you simply ignore all these reasons then by all means, don't even bother. Just keep in mind you're only creating many many many more new and all kind of creeps like encouraging perverts to think about child pornography, or stalkers and pedophiles in the crowds of figure skating rinks regardless of age.  (like this sleazy perv in the comment section) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXFmtVrC9F4 )

Even some male trainers/coaches can be quite creepy, but i'm not trying to accuse each and everyone of them.




This is what a figure skater said before:

"if they wore the dress first then the tights, the tights cant really be pulled up too high, which means that there's the possibility of the tights dropping while they skate"

(Here in those links are examples where the tights clearly can be pulled up high enough and you can literally see the top bottom underwear part is just made to be worn under the tights without any chance of the tights dropping.







I even asked a skater if it was possible and here's what she said.

" I've seen both ballet dancers and figure skaters do that, so it's not like its uncommon or anything. In my ballet class, my uniform acquires me to wear tights over the attached panty. I've never done it before with a figure skating dress though. "

Now look below and you can see these kind of tights would fit perfectly over the top bottom underwear part of the figure skating dresses shown above.  

http://www.secondskinshop.com/store/1915%21CAP/CAPEZIO+1915+WOMENS+ULTRA+SOFT+FOOTED+TIGHT and http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Yu-Na+Kim/NRW+Trophy+2012+Day+2/bOWFicjT6m_ and http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/gracie-gold-of-the-usa-competes-in-the-ladies-free-skating-news-photo/481270845 )




https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_T5615.html?pid=24046&Shop=Brand&SID=784734686 (i hate the seams but you can always dye it)



Lets take a look at one of the first skaters, who wore black/white/red/blue or green tights compared to the delirious inappropriate super tacky skin colored tights we see today. (the images may not show any color but the vintage ice skating cards say enough)

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-m6SkEuOB930/UgljbUsNhPI/AAAAAAAAAyc/wkZflBN1Wmo/s1600/LudowikaWalter.jpg (Ludowika Eilers 1910)







Even in the 30's when flesh colored tights were dominating the ice rinks we still see skaters wear colored tights.

http://static2.stuff.co.nz/1401918972/126/10122126.jpg (Molly Brown 1930)

https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/PIC/PIC_1-M-1339-9.jpg (Ulla Schwarz 1933)

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/7b/aa/da/7baada19658b1a2adf4a37226b8b3840.jpg (1936)

http://skating30s.narod.ru/photo/photo/24.jpg (1939)

http://photoinventory.fr/photos/CF3179.png (Jacqueline Vaudecrane 1932)

https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/SM0/SM0_1-M-1321-10.jpg (1939)

https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/SM0/SM0_1-M-1332-17.jpg ( Edyta Popowicz  1934)

https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/SM0/SM0_1-S-1334-14.jpg (1930)

https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/SM0/SM0_1-S-1345-3.jpg ( Jadwiga Cukiert 1932)

https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/SM0/SM0_1-S-1349-1.jpg (Elżbieta Czor 1932)

http://www.ice-factory.ru/pics/belenkaya/bel5.jpg (this is Maya Petrovna Belenkaya, and even in the 50's it's remarbkly the Russian ladies yet again who seem to be wearing color tights even though it's very rare)

Sadly black/white tights were replaced by beige/skin-tone tights, to give the illusion of nudity and it became important to fashion-forward girls to give the impression of nudity under the dress.

I have to interrupt you here for a bit. I have been thinking and noticed how pointless it is to wear beige/nude color tights.
Take a look at the picture below.  You skate on the ice wearing a dress with a pair of beige tights. It's like you're trying to make people believe you're going bare legged under your dress/skirt. Do you know how mental that sounds?

It makes absolutely no sense nor does it fit into the sport which is on ice.Think about about it, who for instance would in their right mind skate with her legs bare on the ice where it freezes?!

Even outdoors they're crazy enough to wear skin-color tights, have a look see below.


http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2015/02/ice-to-entice/ (dear god it gives me the chills just by looking at her, totally crazy)

OMG, look all those people all covered up and yet here she comes skating like it's 80 degrees outside looking nearly half naked. I think someone should've told her it's not summer anymore.  lol!   

This is why black but especially crimson, mustard, sky blue, amethyst tights etc would match any figure skating dress a million times better plus it actually makes you feel that you look like a winter athlete.

Furthermore skin tone tights are extremely dull looking and adds next to nothing to the character you portray, be a little creative i say Smile

Look at the link below why skin tone tights are so out of place on the ice.


To the comment in the link, i would have to say no because if she had worn colored tights, you wouldn't see such repulsive intimate body parts.

The links below are examples of the tights worn over the top bottom underwear part where you don't see that distracting unsightly crotch or bum look.

Even Mao Asada below in the video proved it's possible. I know she's wearing skin colored tights but i'm sooo happy she proved it's possible to wear your top bottom underwear part of the dress under your tights.   cheers  




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Ah22x5UGw (to all you disbelievers and naysayers, she proved it's possible once more   Very Happy  )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPPAArR6HCU&index=46&list=PLB89A1747BF825EFD (OMG, that's the third time, thank you soooo much Mao  I love you )


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rJ4dS1i8SA   (the perfect example where the bottom underwear part is not revealing at all considering she wears opaque black tights or leggings after her dress which you can see from 1:47 to 1:50 and 3:57 to 4:00)





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqN5ifpONE4 (those stunning elegant white tights  Very Happy )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsqXwN0fcLI&list=PLB89A1747BF825EFD (i totally love the blue tights/leggings, though i wish her dress wasn't blue)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVjX2F-ykSA (she's wearing skating leggings like certain skaters in some of the other videos, at least she's not trying to show off her butt or crotch)






Pictures of costumes which are not all one color.









Here's a another reason from a figure skater/spectator herself to wear the figure skating dress first then the tights

" Unfortunately it's true...I've seen way too many pictures of female skaters that made me think "could she show any more of her bum?" or "I wonder if it fell out of her briefs completely at any point?" or "did the audience notice her skating at all, or just her pseudo-strip-show?" Plus I figure it'd be hard to skate comfortably and concentrate if you knew half your bum was hanging out of your costume or wondering if you'd done a good enough job tidying up the ol' bikini line. "

So my point is it works, try wearing a figure skating dress first and a pair of colored tights.
If the tights won't go up high enough because of the skirt there are always different sizes.

Below are some trendy fashion examples you can try to make it look elegant and beautiful. (of course it depends what character you're trying to portay in your program)

Julia Lipnitskaya's Schindle's List dress with low rise black tights. (the poor little girl in the movie wore dark tights so it makes perfect sense)

Gracie Gold's Sleeping Beauty's dress with white tights. (http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/gracie-gold-of-the-usa-competes-in-the-ladies-free-skating-news-photo/481270845 )

Christina Gao's Libertango dress   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1K6SM3ctT4 with red tights like in this image. http://lookbook.nu/look/2440299-Complot-Black-Lace-Dress-Como-Quieres-Que-Te

Wakaba Higuchi's Czardas dress http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Wakaba+Higuchi/ISU+Grand+Prix+Figure+Skating+Final+Day+1/as-aihzxZfu with a pair of black or white tights. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-hCMhbos2qok/UAgj2LQRPTI/AAAAAAAABTc/kvK97STkMIY/s1600/0J2Z7400.jpg and http://www.mfa.gov.hu/NR/rdonlyres/FE38A011-EE46-4DA2-99F1-BD4750F5CE8F/0/okt%C3%B3ber5.JPG

You shouldn't care about the judges who are against different colored tights nor should you listen to your coach who will probably tell you flesh color tights gives the outfit a "more finished" look. How in god's name can it look finished when your legs are bare on the ice in a winter sport?
That's not very logical is it?

I heard skaters today telling me flesh colored tights are not mandatory, that's not what this mother claims.  No

"I don't know if the rules have changed but when my kids were skating, they weren't allowed to wear anything but flesh colored tights at competitions."

Here below is the most important piece of evidence why lots of skaters don't wear black/white/red/pink/blue tights. It's because they'll recieve deductions which frightens them so they end up wearing flesh colored tights instead.

“If a skater is wearing a uniform that is totally different from the one used by 99 per cent of the participants it becomes a little challenging for the judges,” he says. “You can do what you want but don’t cry if the judges start to say, ‘Well, you have a deduction because of this point.’”

That's what the isu president Octavio Cinquanta said.

This is what i'm talking about. Lets bring back modesty to the most wonderful and difficult sport in the world and ignore all who are against us.

All in all, don't ever be ashamed because you know you wear it the right way. cheers
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Proper figure skating apparel.
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