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 Mao Asada opened the practice with Sato coach to the media

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PostSubject: Mao Asada opened the practice with Sato coach to the media    Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:22 am

Mao Asada opened the practice with Sato coach to the media

- Source, A Translation post by 'Akira Andrea' @ FSU

At the Chukyo University Arena in September 26th, Mao Asada (Chukyo University) opened to the media for the first time the practice with Nobuo Sato coach whom she studies as her teacher from this season.
Mao Asada who canceled the relationship between teacher and pupil with Tatiana Tarasova coach in Russia in the end of last season, said, "Because there is not a problem of the language, too, I can practice while calming down very much in the atmosphere of the teacher".

The practice was opened to the media for about 30 minutes. Being waited after one week by "Japan Open (at Saitama)" which is the first competition with the top skaters of Japan, Europe and North America in this season, Asada dealt with spin and jump, too, but regarded the skating as most important in this day. Sato coach pointed defect out, saying, "the skating has not been stabilized because the center of gravity of the body goes up and down when increasing a speed". For making skating stabilize, it seems that she used another muscle differing from before. Asada smiled wryly, saying, "I became muscular pain in the lesson with the teacher".

Asada who greeted the 20th birthday in September 25th, was presented a cake and a champagne by a person concerned and swore as the new adult, saying, "I would like to accomplish firmly the things which have decided with my will as for the practice, too.

Sato coach coaches Asada as a package.
In September 26th, Asada Mao ( Chukyo University ) showed her intention which has the coaching as package to Nobuo Sato who was installed as the main coach. Asada learned under Yasuhiro Nagakubo as the designated jump coach from June but canceled the relation.

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PostSubject: Re: Mao Asada opened the practice with Sato coach to the media    Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:20 am

she gave the worst free skate performance since her.I don't know Nobuo Sato is the best coach for Mao Asada

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Mao Asada opened the practice with Sato coach to the media
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